Why Are My Websites Being Attacked By Hackers?

Why are my sites being attacked by Hackers?

I think this is a great question and I will do my best to explain the reasons behind this.

Many people these days have WordPress sites and while relatively secure, there are always backdoors for people to get in if the sites are not set up correctly.

I will endeavour to explain why your sites may be targeted from time to time by potential hackers.

I say potential hackers as there are tools to use to strengthen your site and make it less likely to get hacked.

Sending Spam Email

When mail is sent from your website server, it will come from a typically clean ip address which means that no one has reported your email as spam. Hence, the Google and other filters in the system will not be as quick to flag the email from your server as spam.

It is imperative to protect your websites from attackers.

Always make sure that you have strong and unique oasswords on your sites.

I recopmmend using a password management program, such as Dashlane where you can store an unlimited number of paswords and sync them up against your devices, so there is no excuse to have strong passwords to protect yourself against false loaders on your sites.

This way, I am free to concentrate on improving my business and mind, while knowing my passworsds are safe and secure, as I don’t have to remember complex words.

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