Challenges faced by Online Marketers and Ways to Overcome Them When Using a CMS System, such as WordPress

Wordpress Content Management System


There will be many articles on this site for internet marketers and I wanted to discuss the reasons to use certain types of themes in the WordPress sphere when thinking about internet marketing.

Wordpress Content Management System

Effectively, when we are putting content online, our primary aim is to make sure that we have our content found. Obviously, this will require some initial thought in terms of the keywords that we use and the way we structure our articles or content.

As an example, you will note that this article has headings and subheadings in it, as well as pictures, ALT text, which is a text form that describes each picture. It is actually designed to help sight impaired people, but also works a treat when helping search engines to dish our material up to readers of ours. I know this seems complex, but I will explain, and to boot, you will not need to become a Search Engine Optimisation specialist. It just takes at first, a little extra thought and effort, but in time, this will all become much easier for you to follow and better yet, to apply.

SEO Basics in Web Creation


Search Engine OptimisationEven though you are primarily concerned with your subject matter at hand there are things you can do to make your pages and web content as SEO friendly as possibly. All this effort will mean the search engines will be more likely to serve up your web site when people are searching for that which you have.


If your subject is YouTube videos as an example, that would form the basis of your keyword. It is better to be as specific as possible, so you might say, something like ‘Talking Head You Tube Videos’.


If this is the subject matter, the more specific you are,  the more easily and likely it is that you will be found as there will be millions of entries online about ‘YouTube’ but not as many for YouTube Talking Head Videos’ as an example.


It is then important to put the keyword phrase in the title, in some sub headings and also in the content, sprinkled at a rate of about 3 % or so.


Hence, it is not practical or even acceptable to use the entire page and just re[eat your phrase hundreds of times. That is known as engine spamming. However, writing naturally, with the keywords or variations of the keyword phrase in the content will work best. You really do not have to overthink this but rather, just be natural and content quality driven.

I always laugh at the people who are doing their best to work out all the complex SEO and Google algorithms, which change almost daily. In the end, the websites that win are the ones that keep posting relevant content for their readers and the best quality as well. Keep it simple and keep your site in the good books that way.

Yes, it takes work, but it is the easiest path in the long term.

The Theme Choice for WordPress


Where possible, when you use a theme inThemes Selection in WordPress the Appearance section of WordPress, use the advanced search features to search for a Responsive theme. This means that the theme will adjust the content of your site to look as good as possible on different forms of viewing media. In other words, when we create a site, we typically (or at least I do) create the site on our desk top computers. The screen is big, I have a full size keyboard and the comfort of my office to work in.

However, I also need to think of my readers and the people consuming my content. After all, the material is typically being read by people in many different settings. Some will be at home or in their offices, also looking at it on a screen on a desktop machine. However, many will be on tablets or even on phone screens which are much smaller.

Optimised Screen Viewing


With some of the older, non optimised sites, the end result is material that is either far too small to see properly as the text and images do not reformat well, and the whole lot is squeezed into a small screen.

Hence, by using an optimised, and responsive theme that adjusts automatically for the device that your reader is on, will make it easier for the menu structure to work as well as the layout on screen. It is statistically recognised that more and more people are seeing things and reading as well as researching online, using their mobile devices and this includes purchasing and making buying decisions.


You do want your site to look good and you want to make sure the operator can easily purchase the items or services you are seeling from your site.

This is the reason to make sure your site has a responsive theme, and good on page SEO.


You really don’t have to be a tech head for this stuff. Just give thought to your content, your headings and make the search engines organically love your work.

Quality, unique articles over time will work best. If you can add videos as well, you are onto a true winner.


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