Planning- Essential for Overcoming Problems and Stress

Planning is an imperative aspect of life and I have found that it has helped me enormously in my experience.


I hope to enhance this point in the below article and encourage you to face any challenge, with a full plan ahead!

Planning- Essential for Overcoming Problems and Stress

I am certain that in my life, I have had plenty of challenges, as just about everyone else has from time to time as well. However, it is not often the challenge that is the issue, but rather the way that we choose to deal with it.

In my younger years, I tended to get quite angry at the injustices of the world that I was seeing, as I had not yet developed the maturity to deal with the issues in a methodical and suitable way, given the need for decorum, respect and an understanding of the other person’s view. All very important issues indeed. Also, I am sure you recognise that there is a a right way and a not-so-right way to approach different issues.

So, bringing the above into a process where you can easily see where I am going and hopefully, make a useful point here…

Owning Your Own Home


Essentially, if we want to ultimately own our own homes, we need to make a point of actually working on a process to get there, or for that matter, to any other ultimate destination that we choose. This is very important indeed.


The focus of this article is on home ownership, but the principle may be applied in any situation to your requirements. I have found that instead of worrying and thinking that something is beyond my grasp, the fact is that with time, anything is possible.


If you have had a bad experience with mismanagement of credit in the past, it may be time to seriously look at what happened for that to occur.Did you over commit? Did you lose an income stream due to unemployment etc?

By acknowledging the circumstances that caused the problem, you are able to look at what needs to change. So, if you are experiencing poor credit, it is something that will be repaired given time, if you do not apply for any more loans and diligently pay off your current debts. It may seem very simple, but I am trying to keep my point simple. There is no need to follow the masses in over complicating things for no good reason.



In this case, you can then look at what needs to be done to bolster your savings and then plan for it.


It will certainly take a typical adjustment but this is also part of the development and improvement process, as can be learned from the Laws Program.


In other areas of your life, planning is essential. It does not matter if it is your next holiday, or your retirement. In fact, statistically, it is shown that more people plan better for their next holiday than their retirement. That is sad in a way, and you can have your cake and eat it too. I know there have been some wild rides in the finance markets over the last few years since 2008, but the fact is that things, when looked at in a longer term process, are always able to work themselves out.


Panic is a killer of dreams and also makes the people without a plan make potentially poor decisions. However, I hope I have given you some thought for consideration- planning will help to avoid crisis in many cases, or better train you for dealing with any issues that may arise.


To your health and happiness.