Cutting Old Programming and Breaking Through to Success

Any of our past experienced may define us to this point in time, but they need not limit us in our future endeavours.

Ultimately, we can easily move forward and create the future we want for ourselves, by believing in our own ability and most importantly, keeping on in our visualized goals to our success.

Belief in Our Goals and Desires

Ultimately, if it is to be it is ultimately up to us to make it so!

BeliefI was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth and my parents had to both work very hard to be where they are today. I knew that I wanted as much as them, and so much more and that it would take effort and work on my part.  That was all fine with me, but when I was in school, I had very low self-confidence. I was one of those really shy types and it took a lot of effort to ultimately believe in myself.

However, I knew that the situation was never going to get much better if I did not do anything about. For a number of years, till I was 24 years old, I was painfully shy and would never feel comfortable asking girls out as an example as well. I knew I could be unsatisfied and simply remain alone, or I could do something about it.

Effectively, when we are really at a point where the pain of a situation is greater than doing nothing, we become motivated to do something about changing our situation. That was me.

I knew I had to face the pain or discomfort of changing my habits and then trying a new path that I would find more satisfying. For many of us, we simply feel it is easier to remain unhappy and unfulfilled which is never a long-term good idea.

Belief in ourselves

A good way to look at this is to realise that there are many people far worse off than us and if they have been able to face their adversity square on, then we can too. It is about making a conscious decision. That is mostly all there is to it.

When we decide to make a change, we are more than halfway there as we are often our worst enemies in terms of being scared or thinking that we can’t. Fact is, we actually can, and particularly if we think we can.

Your mindset determines who you are. VisualisationMake sure that you always remember that and practice believing and visualizing all that you wish to be, to the point, that you believe it to be.

It is important, to be honest with yourself. If you have a weakness in a particular area, it is essential to work on that issue and improve. We all can when we want to improve.

I hope that this article will have helped t inspire you to believe in yourself.

Visualise Your Success

By seeing the way you wish to be, and telling yourself it each and every day, you will begin to change your mindset. This will work in a number of ways for you. As you begin to switch from a dream o a faint hope of a certain situation, to actively believing it is your right and destiny, you start to alter your outward behaviour. This is like walking the walk and talking the talk till you actually make it. Your attitudes will slowly change and you will feel better about yourself, This causes the outside world to work closer to your will and manifest for you your desires. I know this may sound out there, but without going into the metaphysical science of it all, the thoughts we have transferred the world around us and bring our desires to us. It comes with practice, believe and building confidence over time.




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