Affiliate Marketing Model- How to Make it Work For Me?

How to Make Affiliate Marketing Work for Me?


I think this is a great point to discuss today, as much of my business model is based on affiliate marketing, and it can be a very lucrative model indeed, when done correctly.


I know there are many options out there when it comes to programs and the like, and I one day decided to use the mindset program and just get on with working out a model and sticking to it. It comes down to being determined and following a plan that has been created with thought, rather than just doing what feels right today, and then flitting to something different tomorrow and getting bored, so you switch to something else again a few days time.


I knowPrevent falling into a hole- Mind Ninja we are all guilty of having fallen into this kind of trap before. However, if we can apply a little discipline, and learn from those who’ve walked before- me if I may say, we can save a lot of wasted time, trouble and dare I say, a lot of unnecessary cost.


I have spent many thousands of dollars on my education online, and while I don’t regret any of it, given what I have learned, I know I could have learned the same lessons and done so much better, so much sooner, had I taken other well intended advice.

Shiny Things


I have fallen for many shiny things over the years and while I have taken some of them to build up my back end, as I like to call it, in terms of my website systems and processes, I know that there have been many deviations along the road.


However, I certainly do not regret any of them, given the final knowledge I now have. Please note: I say final when referring to this point in time. I am always learning new things and going to courses etc, but I have developed systems that work, and am only gradually building on those systems and getting them to the state where they currently are so I can be better and better.

Hence, If I can leave you with any take away today, it is to pick a system that works for you and that you are happy with.

I am also a great believer in using the Ninja Mindset process which has helped me to focus better as well.




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